Aerial photo of the Church of the Resurrection during demolition

The Church of the Resurrection in Ellicott City, Maryland was originally founded as St. Paul’s Parish in 1838. The Ramsburg family donated the land on Paulskirk Road for the present site in 1966 and construction of the current building started in 1974. Despite two additions in the years since, the building still failed to meet the needs of the parish and the adjoining school, Resurrection St-Paul School.

With the building in desperate need of modernization, the Church of the Resurrection launched the Vision 2020 campaign to raise funds for the large renovation. The project includes:

  • New worship space
  • Replacing the facade to clearly separate the church from the school
  • Allowing more natural light to enter the hall
  • Expanding the entrance and gathering space
  • Additional meeting rooms, offices, restrooms, and storage
  • St. Vincent de Paul Outreach Center
Maxim Crane and ISI Demolition removing heavy T beams from the church

Partnerships Key to Achieving Results in Maryland Demolition Project

ISI Demolition partners with project engineers, project managers, trusted vendors, and contractors to develop clear pre-project planning goals that initiate the success of the overall project objectives. Our partnerships ensure optimal efficiency and safety on every project.

For Church of the Resurrection, we worked with:

Architectural Demolition: Opening Up the Space

Photo of the outside of the church building during architectural demolition

Architectural demolition started at Church of the Resurrection in November 2022. ISI Demolition’s first responsibility was to open up the space to allow room for other trades. Our team removed a variety of finishes including carpet, tile, drywall, pews, and ceilings. Due to the age of the building, our team worked closely with Asbestos Specialists Inc., (ASI) on abatement work. During this time, we also created some openings for the addition of new steel and removed slabs.

Project Quick Facts

  • Timing: November 2022 to July 2023
  • Estimated man hours: 4,500
  • Location:
    Church of the Resurrection
    3175 Paulskirk Drive
    Ellicott City, MD 21042

Structural Demolition: Creating Interior and Exterior Openings

While a lot of work could take place while students were in school, Lewis Contractors and ISI Demolition agreed it was safest to wait on major structural demolition for when there would be reduced foot traffic and fewer vehicles on the property.

Once the students had their last day, it was time to remove the roof tees and create other interior and exterior openings. This required a variety of shoring and bracing to protect the remaining structure and ensure the safety of the construction crews. 

Shoring and Bracing

The Church of the Resurrection posted this video from the interior of the chirch prior to the removal of the tees. In the video, you can see a variety of shoring and bracing, as well as scaffolding, used to prepare the building for the removal of the roof tees.

Roof Tee Removal

The main attraction for this project was the removal of two concrete roof tees weighing more than 70,000 lbs each. Maxim Crane assisted ISI Demolition in the removal in mid June 2023.

Aerial photo during the roof tee removal at Church of the Resurrection
crane lifting off a 70,000 pound roof tee

This job required a team of highly skilled people who knew their stuff when it came to techniques. Our team was on point, with all the training and skills needed to handle multiple structural changes and work at heights safely.

Carlos Castaneda
Project Manager, ISI Demolition

Demolition Services Provided

PreConstruction Services

Our project managers and executives walked the site with the developer and carefully reviewed project drawings before finalizing the project sequence. This ensures the job is executed effectively and efficiently.

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Architectural Demolition

Our interior demolition services include non-structural demolition of spaces within a structure in preparation for reuse and upgrades.

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Shoring & Bracing

Our in-house crew is capable of vertical, angled, or horizontal shoring to support structures during demolition and alterations.

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Structural Demolition

We tackle complex structural demolition projects and dismantlement of existing structures in order to make way for new construction.

structural Demolition for Roof Removal using a Crane
Aerial Photo of the Church Site during Demolition

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