Architectural Demolition

Full Gut Job or Specific Features

Special care must be taken to minimize the impact, both on areas of the structure that are designated for reuse or repurposing, and on the rest of the facility.

ISI Demolition’s Approach to Architectural Demolition

From hand demolition to specialized equipment, ISI Demolition utilizes a variety of tools depending on the unique specifications of each project. We have dozens of crews across multiple states trained for safe and effective architectural demolition.

No job is too big or too small. 

  • Types of projects: full gut, tenant fit out, repurposing, modernization, and historical preservation
  • Dozens of crews in multiple states
  • Extensive inventory of air powered tools, electric tools, diesel powered tools, and large equipment
  • Proven track record for a broad range of clients and industries
  • On time and on budget
Pier Hotel Baltimore

Minimizing the Impact

Architectural Demolition Considerations

Architectural demolition often happens when other areas of the building are still in use. Tenants need to be able to go about their daily operations undisturbed. 

It’s imperative that debris and dust are contained. ISI Demolition invests heavily in equipment and personnel to mitigate dust at worksites. Our misters and specialized crews ensure project sites and the surrounding areas remain as clean as possible.

To prepare the area, major mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems are capped. Once the area is prepped, the real labor of selective architectural demolition begins. Demolished materials are sorted and designated for their ability to be sold, recycled, or reused in the reconstruction phase.

What are you waiting for?

Our ability to consistently meet our clients’ goals for timeliness, efficiency, and safety is no coincidence. ISI Demolition works hand-in-hand with national, regional, and local contractors, developers and commercial real-estate clients to understand your project goals and devise specific plans to meet those goals on time and on budget. Just think of what you can accomplish when there are no obstacles!

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