Saw Cutting

In-House Experienced Saw Cutting

Clearing the way for future demolition and construction, our team offers hand and machine cutting for concrete floors, walls, and more.

ISI Demolition’s Saw Cutting Capabilities

From core drilling to wire sawing, ISI Demolition’s in-house saw cutting capabilities are a big deal. It’s part of our commitment to be a one source solution for general contractors and commercial real estate developers looking to clear the way for the next project. 

  • Electric and Diesel Flat Sawing
  • Core Drilling
  • Wall Sawing
  • Wire Sawing
  • Proven track record for a broad range of clients and industries
  • On time and on budget

Our Saw Cutting Equipment

Tier 4 Diesel Flat Saws

Electric Flat Saws

Core Drills

Wire Saws

Wall Saws

Featured Project:

Smoke Stack Removal at John Hopkins Hospital

Demolition of a 285-foot-tall smoke stack has plenty of challenges. The refractory liner made this project particularly challenging. Working together with our in-house engineering team, our crews were able to effectively use saw cutting without damaging the remaining structure.

Pier Hotel Baltimore
saw cutting equipment up close

Featured Project:

555 Pennsylvannia Ave

ISI Demolition’s full range of capabilities was put to use on this project, including structural engineering to robotic demolition. After the Brokk equipment removed major elements, our saw cutting team was utilized to clean up where the beams and slabs tied into the columns and all the edges. 

What are you waiting for?

Our ability to consistently meet our clients’ goals for timeliness, efficiency, and safety is no coincidence. ISI Demolition works hand-in-hand with national, regional, and local contractors, developers and commercial real-estate clients to understand your project goals and devise specific plans to meet those goals on time and on budget. Just think of what you can accomplish when there are no obstacles!

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