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With more than 30 years of demolition experience, our knowledge and expertise are drawn from over 4,000 diverse projects, ranging from smaller quick turn solutions to immersive multi-million-dollar engagements.

Our core belief is that every project is an opportunity to learn new things and build new or extend relationships within the community.

Hershey Chocolate Factory

Kinsley Construction

Tear down of the old Hershey Kiss manufacturing facility encompassing 1.3 million square feet of building removal.

McCormick Spice Headquarters


Complete gut of a 6 story building including the entire façade removal and cutting in a massive atrium within the existing building.

PSU Multiple Buildings


Complete gut of multiple buildings from three to ten stories at the Penn State University with major structural modifications and significant façade removal.


Whiting Turner

Removal of manufacturing remnants to make way for a top secret data center on a 1700 acre facility.


Whiting Turner

Building teardowns and modifications within Epcot for the new Future World project. Complex working conditions required the dismantling of major portions with cranes.

Gunther Brewing

Kinsley Construction

Conversion of the old Natty Boh Brewing plant into luxury condominiums included removal of large sections of the plant and structural modifications.

Dr. Phillips Performing Arts Center

Whiting Turner

Major structural modifications to create an adjacent theater addition in downtown Orlando.

Under Armour


This project consisted of a complete renovation of the existing main Under Armour complexes in Baltimore.


Hoar Construction

Complete removal of an existing amusement ride, with an extremely aggressive schedule while being completely hidden from public view in a highly occupied environment.

Blue Jays Stadium


Intricate structural modification and restoration to the Blue Jays training stadium.

Inova Health

Clark Construction

Complete gut of an existing 11 story building with 3 additional stories below grade including major façade removal and structural modifications.

PSU, Henning Building


Complex complete removal of an existing 3-story science lab building at Penn State University at close proximity to other existing structures.

Pier Hotel

Whiting Turner

Complex structural modification of the Thames Street Pier building in the Baltimore Harbor. Included removing a large section of the structure using barge cranes.

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