Structural Engineering

In-House Professional Structural Engineering

Structural engineering is part of the conversation on every demolition project. It supports what our teams do in the field and is critical to maintaining time, budget, and safety on each job.

ISI Demolition’s Approach to Structural Engineering

Having an in-house structural engineer sets ISI Demolition apart from the competition. With over 30 years of experience and licenses in multiple states, we’re able to apply structural engineering principles to every project. This expedites timeliness, ensures safety, and optimizes budgets. It’s a win for everyone involved.

  • Part of our demolition services
  • Incorporated into every project
  • Extensive in-house shoring and bracing capabilities
  • Proven track record for a broad range of clients and industries
  • On time and on budget
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How it’s used:

Structural Engineering Examples

  • Design of building or bridge temporary propping and bracing including wall, beam, floor, roof and column temporary vertical support and lateral earth, wind and earthquake bracing.
  • Pre-jacking of shoring for heavy loads to reduce or eliminate building movement due to deflection of support systems and bearing soils.
  • Inspection and approval of shoring and propping systems by licensed engineer prior to demolition.
  • Evaluation of building floor ability to support equipment including Bobcat Skid Steers, scissor lifts and Brokk demolition hammers.
  • Design of excavation shoring in existing buildings for elevator pits or other internal excavations.

What are you waiting for?

Our ability to consistently meet our clients’ goals for timeliness, efficiency, and safety is no coincidence. ISI Demolition works hand-in-hand with national, regional, and local contractors, developers and commercial real-estate clients to understand your project goals and devise specific plans to meet those goals on time and on budget. Just think of what you can accomplish when there are no obstacles!

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