Structural Demolition

Removing Structures for New Construction

Structural demolition is part of the comprehensive procedure of tearing down buildings or specific structural components, including building walls, floor systems, roof systems, foundations, and footings.

ISI Demolition’s Approach to Structural Demolition

The majority of structures are constructed utilizing either structural steel framing or structural concrete construction. With our cutting edge equipment, ISI Demolition uses various methods to demolish or dismantle existing structures. We specialize in complex structural demolition and the dismantlement of existing structures. 

Pier Hotel Baltimore
Pier Hotel Baltimore

Featured Project:

Structural Demolition at the Pier Hotel in Baltimore

The Pier Hotel Project is one of Baltimore’s most iconic restoration ventures. The old City Pier building was purchased by Sagamore Development Co., associated with Under Armour, with plans to convert the building into a premier hotel.

Extensive structural demolition was required to make way for the new construction work. ISI Demolition utilized barge cranes and barges to strategically remove much of the existing building structure. Shoring and bracing of the structure was designed and implemented in-house to ensure that the building was stabilized during and after the demolition work.

The demolition work on this project was completed in record time allowing the new construction to proceed on time without any delays.

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