Protecting the Environment

Keeping a Clean Worksite

ISI Demolition undertakes a variety of measures to maintain a clean worksite and ensure the safety of everyone involved while minimizing the impact on surrounding areas.

Dust Suppression & Mitigation

Contained & Concealed

Strategic Demolition Sequence

Hazmat Management

Daily Debris Mitigation

Sorting & Separating Materials


Dust Supression & Mitigation

When it comes to dust, there is no room for error.

ISI Demolition invests heavily in equipment and personnel to mitigate dust at worksites. Our misters and specialized crews ensure project sites and the surrounding areas remain as clean as possible.

Dust Capturing Tools

  • Eliminates potentially harmful airborne dust particles at the source through the use of specialized tools and attachments

Misters and Sprayers

  • Specialized crews are solely dedicated to dust mitigation
  • Fog spray weighs down the dust and it falls to the ground
  • Misters with water at the source of the dust
  • Minimal amounts of water used to get big results

Negative Air Machines

  • Air constantly filtered to remove dust particles
  • High efficiency rate for keeping the construction area clean and dust free

Containment Areas

  • Prevents dust from migrating to other areas
  • Area of work is contained

Regulations & Guidelines

ISI Demolition does it’s part to reduce the environmental impact of each project through the controlled removal of debris and careful attention to local guidelines. Materials are removed regularly and do not accumulate on site.