The Jacksonville University College of Law is set to establish its permanent campus in Downtown Jacksonville‘s historic former Atlantic Bank Building at 121 W. Forsyth St. in summer 2024. This move, part of the university’s long-term vision since before the law school’s inception in 2022, involves leasing over 50,000 square feet across four floors to accommodate its growing needs. The new space will be renovated to include modern, flexible classrooms, study areas, and offices, contributing significantly to Downtown Jacksonville’s revitalization and the legal community’s growth.

Downtown Jacksonville Sign

Demolition’s Role in Urban Renewal

Demolition plays a crucial role in urban renewal and revitalization projects. By removing outdated, unsafe, or underutilized structures, demolition services pave the way for new development, often leading to enhanced community spaces, modern infrastructure, and increased property values. This process leads to rejuvenated neighborhoods and improved urban environments. It’s a vital step in making room for progress, facilitating the replacement of the old with new, sustainable, and more functional buildings that better meet the needs of contemporary urban populations.

Project Quick Facts

  • Timing: November 2023 to January 2024
  • Scope: 41,700 square feet across four levels
  • Estimated man hours: 4,225
  • Location:
    Atlantic Bank Building
    121 W. Forsyth St
    Jacksonville, FL 32202
  • General Contractor: Auld & White Constructors
Crews using hand carts during demolition
Crews using hand carts and exterior trash shoots during demolition
Exterior trash shoot during after hours demolition work

For the Jacksonville University College of Law project, the implementation of specialized equipment was pivotal for efficient and minimally disruptive interior demolition. ISI Demolition used two exterior trash chutes, hand tools, and tub carts to transport debris. Roll-off dumpsters were strategically placed for efficient waste management. We also utilized a powerful 600lb floor/tile scraper for effective debris removal and handling. These tools and methods exemplified the project’s commitment to precision and safety, ensuring a smooth operation while maintaining the daily functions of the surrounding spaces.

Controling Noise and Debris During Interior Demolition of Occupied Buildings

Controlling noise and debris during interior demolition of occupied buildings requires careful planning and coordination. During projects like the Jacksonville University College of Law, maintaining safety and minimizing disruptions for the occcupants is critical to the success of the project. 

Noise reduction strategies may include using quieter, precision equipment and scheduling work during less sensitive times. For debris control, methods like dust containment systems, careful material handling, and immediate waste removal are essential. These measures protect building occupants and maintain a clean, safe environment, ensuring that the demolition process coexists harmoniously with ongoing daily activities in the building.

Interior demolition in downtown jacksonville, FL, Preparing for construction of JU College of Law

This project at a prominent corner in Downtown Jacksonville showcases ISI Demolition’s commitment to excellence. Despite the complex challenges of gutting floors in a bustling, high-visibility area, our team maintained a clean, safe, and presentable workspace. This meticulous approach not only ensured the smooth progression of the project but also positively reflected our work ethic and professionalism, even under the watchful eyes of high-ranking city officials in the same building. At ISI Demolition, we believe in the principle: ‘Look good, work good’.

Sam Boykin
Asst. Project Manager, ISI Demolition

Demolition Services Provided

PreConstruction Services

Our project managers and executives walked the site with the developer and carefully reviewed project drawings before finalizing the project sequence. This ensures the job is executed effectively and efficiently.

Architectural Demolition Icon

Architectural Demolition

Our interior demolition services include non-structural demolition of spaces within a structure in preparation for reuse and upgrades.

Shoring and Bracing Icon

Shoring & Bracing

Our in-house crew is capable of vertical, angled, or horizontal shoring to support structures during demolition and alterations.

Structural Demolition Icon - Jackhammer

Structural Demolition

We tackle complex structural demolition projects and dismantlement of existing structures in order to make way for new construction.

Stairs inside Atlantic Bank Building during demolition and construction
Crews working on interior demolition in Jacksonville, Florida
Interior demolition progress

Generations of Experience Delivering Innovative Transformations

ISI Demolition was founded in 1990 with a simple premise: Operate each day with the highest level of excellence. By following this guiding principle, it is no coincidence ISI Demolition consistently meets our clients’ goals for timeliness, efficiency, and safety. ISI Demolition works hand-in-hand with national, regional, and local contractors, developers, and commercial real-estate clients. We take time to understand project goals and devise individually tailored demolition plans to meet those goals on time and on budget.

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