After more than a century of uninterrupted newspaper printing, The Baltimore Sun outsourced it’s printing and closed its production plant in Baltimore Peninsula. Shortly after, the reporters and editors made headlines again with their office move back to downtown Baltimore. This left an abandoned 250,000-square-foot plant on prime real estate near Interstate 95.

Excavator doing demolition at Baltimore Sun building in Baltimore Penisula

The Evolution of Baltimore Peninsula

Baltimore Peninsula, where the newspaper was previously located, has undergone significant transformations in recent years, thanks in part to the involvement of Kevin Plank, the founder of Under Armour. Plank had a vision for revitalizing the area and transforming the former industrial site into a thriving waterfront community. His real estate firm, Sagamore Ventures, acquired The Sun property in 2014. Years later in 2022, MAG Partners, a New York-based woman-owned firm, and MacFarlane Partners, a San Francisco-based Black-owned development and institutional investment firm, joined the redevelopment effort

According to The Baltimore Sun, MAG and MacFarlane will lead the vision for the massive project, which spans 235 acres along Cromwell Street. The vision includes up to 14 million square feet of shops, restaurants, office space and housing, plus 40 acres of parks, across 45 new city blocks.

Challenges of Urban Redevelopment

Redeveloping a city is a complex undertaking fraught with challenges. Balancing historical preservation with modernization, engaging communities, securing financing, addressing logistics, environmental considerations, and navigating complex regulations are key hurdles. The Baltimore Sun building’s relocation exemplifies the intricate nature of such endeavors. It symbolizes the delicate balance of preserving historical significance while accommodating future development.

Choosing the right demolition partner is a crucial step in the process of urban redevelopment. The demolition phase plays a pivotal role in clearing the way for new construction and reshaping an urban landscape.

Building on our successful track record, exemplified by projects like Locke Insulators, MAG and MacFarlane were able to leverage ISI Demolition’s expertise, commitment to safety and compliance, and environmental responsibility for the demolition of the Baltimore Sun building. Our collaboration, efficiency, and cost-effective solutions positioned the developers for a successful transition from old to new. 

Sun setting over The Baltimore Sun building

Baltimore Sun Building Demolition

ISI Demolition was contracted for the full building raze of The Baltimore Sun building at Baltimore Peninsula in South Baltimore. This iconic project required precision, expertise, and a commitment to overcoming unique challenges, setting the stage for a transformative urban revitalization effort.

Quick Facts

  • Timing: October 2023 – December 2023
  • Total gross square feet: +/- 450,000 sf
  • Location: 300 East Cromwell Street in Baltimore City
Demolition at Baltimore Sun Building

Exceeding Minority Requirements

ISI Demolition collaborated with strategic partners to fulfill minority requirements for this project, with an impressive 37% minority participation, including 27% MBE (JJ Adams Fuel) and 10% WBE (A&S Refuse).

Our team also hired two individuals from Project JumpStart, a pre-apprenticeship training program that provides intensive classroom and hands-on training to Baltimore City residents every year. This successful initiative, under the dedicated leadership of Executive Director Jimmy Stewart, plays a crucial role in empowering local communities and fostering skilled labor in the industry.

This underscores our dedication to creating opportunities and fostering community engagement.

Working Around Challenges

In close proximity to our project site, we encountered a bustling sidewalk that traverses the vibrant Baltimore Peninsula, the simultaneous construction of a new parking garage, and the necessity to preserve other existing structures. These intricate surroundings demanded meticulous attention and precise execution to ensure the success of our demolition efforts.

To cater to the needs of guests at an adjacent hotel and provide uninterrupted hours for workers in multiple nearby office buildings, our teams adeptly navigated working hour restrictions. These restrictions were crucial to keep the peace within the surrounding community and minimize disruptions throughout our demolition project.

Baltimore Sun Building Demolition Site

Each project presents its unique challenges and opportunities, but this one was particularly enjoyable. This high-profile project, a longstanding Baltimore landmark, commanded attention from passersby on I-95 and the local Baltimore Peninsula community. Our skilled operators and crews excelled in systematic work, optimizing production, maintaining material segregation, and ensuring an organized site.

Cody Torrence
Senior Project Manager, Wrecking Division, ISI Demolition

Metal shears attachment on excavator during building demolition

Utilizing Our In-House Demolition Equipment

ISI Demolition’s remarkable fleet of heavy machinery was instrumental in the demolition of The Baltimore Sun building. Our comprehensive lineup features specialized excavators, loaders, dump trucks, skid steers, and cutting-edge dust suppression equipment.

Our in-house demolition equipment provides us with unparalleled control, adaptability, cost-effectiveness, and efficiency. It enables us to offer timely, high-quality services, enhancing our competitiveness in the market while ensuring the success and safety of every project we undertake.

Embracing Sustainability and Protecting the Environment

In a partnership with Susa International, ISI Demolition took proactive steps to enhance sustainability. Together, we achieved the remarkable feat of donating, repurposing, and reselling an astounding 80% of the Owner’s leftover Furniture, Fixtures, & Equipment (FFE). Our dedicated efforts spanned approximately one month, during which our skilled team reclaimed, sorted, meticulously packaged, and loaded the FFE items.

Complementing our commitment to sustainability, we also prioritize safety and environmental responsibility during every demolition project. To this end, we incorporate cutting-edge misters that effectively suppress dust, creating a healthier working environment.

Mister during demolition
Heavy Equipment during demoliton
Demolition in progress with heavy equipment
Demolition of Steel Beams

Demolition Services Provided

Pre-Construction Services

Our experienced project managers and executives walk the site with the general contractors and owners. We carefully review the project drawings and scope documents, supplementing with BIM modeling, to dig deeper and find potential challenges before the project starts. By working together, we can ensure the job is executed effectively and efficiently. 

Structural Demolition Icon - Jackhammer

Structural Demolition

At ISI Demolition, we specialize in handling intricate structural demolition projects, such as the Baltimore Sun building demolition, which featured some of the largest steel columns our team has ever encountered. Our expertise in dismantling existing structures paves the way for new construction while ensuring precision and safety at every step of the process.

Building Razing Icon, Bulldozer Icon

Building Razing

ISI Demolition stands as a trusted authority in the realm of building razing services. With a proven track record of precision and safety, we ensure the seamless removal of existing structures, paving the way for new construction and urban revitalization.

Put Our Expertise to Work For Your City

ISI Demolition was founded in 1990 with a simple premise: Operate each day with the highest level of excellence. By following this guiding principle, it is no coincidence ISI Demolition consistently meets our clients’ goals for timeliness, efficiency, and safety.

ISI Demolition works hand-in-hand with national, regional, and local contractors, developers, and commercial real-estate clients. We take time to understand project goals and devise individually tailored demolition plans to meet those goals on time and on budget. 

Just think of what you can accomplish when there are no obstacles!

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