Port Covington, which recently rebranded to Baltimore Peninsula, is a neighborhood located in South Baltimore, Maryland. Historically, the area was mostly industrial, with shipping docks and railroad lines, and was one of the busiest industrial areas in Baltimore in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. In recent decades, the area has gone through a period of transition and gentrification, with the redevelopment of former industrial sites into new mixed-use neighborhoods and retail spaces. In 2016, a proposal was made to build a massive new purpose-driven development that would include residential, retail, and office space, along with parks and public areas.

A major building in the area that wasn’t included in the original plans was the Locke Insulators manufacturing plant. After demand for insulators dropped significantly, the building, which sat vacant for years, continued to deteriorate. With a prime location on the water in the middle of the massive Baltimore Peninsula development, the time came to raze the building and prepare for new construction. 

Baltimore Demolition Locke Insulators

28 Walker Development contracted with ISI Demolition for the demolition of the Locke Insulators building in Baltimore. The demolition started in December 2022 and is on track for completion in April 2023.

Locke Insulators Demolition Summary

ISI Demolition was hired for a full-range of demolition services on the 625,000 square foot Locke Insulators building. With more than 8,600 anticipated manhours over five months, this project involved significant selective salvage work on wood, steel, and brick.

Quick Facts

  • Developer: 28 Walker
  • Timing: December 2022 – April 2023
  • 625,000 square feet building
  • Salvage efforts included: approximately 5,000 tons of steel, 24 loads of wood timbers, and 1,200 tons of brick. 

Demolition Services Provided

PreConstruction Services

Our project managers and executives walked the site with the developer and carefully reviewed project drawings before finalizing the project sequence. This ensures the job is executed effectively and efficiently.

Building Razing

The Locke Insulators project required a complete building raze and site grading to clear the land and prepare for future development. At ISI Demolition, we aim for a clean building raze, which has less environmental impact and maximizes the recycling of reusable building materials.

Salvage & Recycling

For this project, thousands of tons of materials were salvaged for future use. This included brick, steel, and wood. Among other environmental benefits, this preserves natural resources and conserves landfill space.

Rough Grading

Once the structure is removed, ISI Demolition rough grades the property to control stormwater runoff and prepare the land for construction.

Scale and Speed

ISI Demolition is known for our ability to tackle large projects with speed, safety, and efficiency. The Locke Insulators project is no exception. Motorists in the area unlikely underestimated the size of this building. The two photos below show the scale and our progress in the first 12 weeks of the project. 

Locke Insulators Baltimore Building

November 2022

Locke Insulators Baltimore Demolition

January 2023

Utilizing our In-House Demolition Equipment 

One major advantage of ISI Demolition is our comprehensive fleet of demolition equipment that is managed in-house by our experienced maintenance department. This allows us to full control over the schedule and prevents downtime due to equipment malfunction. 

Put our equipment to work for you.

Heavy Equipment Used

A variety of heavy equipment was used during this demolition project including:

  • 60ft and 120ft High Reach Excavators
  • 700, 400, 350, and 200 Class of Excavators
  • 900 Class Wheel Loader
  • Skid Steers
  • Off Road End Dump