We are thrilled to announce the expansion of ISI Demolition’s Florida office, a significant milestone in our journey of growth and excellence. Established back in early 2015 with a modest team of 20-30 employees, our Florida branch has now grown significantly, underscoring our commitment to serving the dynamic Florida market with unparalleled demolition expertise and dedication.

ISI Demolition Offices in Florida after expansion

Our expanded offices at 4981 Enterprise Drive in Kissimmee, Florida.

A Journey of Growth

Our journey in Florida began with a renovation project at Disney Springs in May 2015, marking the start of an exciting chapter. Since then, we’ve steadily grown our presence in Florida, taking on new clients and projects, each one contributing to our deepening footprint in the region.

As operations in the area expanded, our team quickly outgrew the old facility. With this expansion we can enhance our service quality, thereby enabling our talented employees to reach their full potential.

“I am immensely proud of the strides we’ve made in this vibrant and challenging market,” said Mike Doherty, Vice President of the Florida branch, “This expansion represents not just our growth in terms of space and resources, but also our deepening commitment to the communities and clients we serve. Our team has worked tirelessly to reach this point, and I believe this new chapter will enable us to offer even more comprehensive and tailored demolition services. We’re not just clearing the way for new developments; we’re building relationships and a legacy that speaks to the heart of ISI Demolition’s values.”

ISI Demolition Florida Offices Before Expansion

Florida office before and after the expansion.

Changes We’re Making

The new 4,500 square foot facility includes two service bays for our vehicles and equipment, a storage room for tools and supplies, and a specialized area for equipment parts and inventory. It also houses three offices, a break room, and three bathrooms, enhancing our team’s work environment.

Post-expansion, we’re also revitalizing our existing building with a makeover and adding six new offices in the former shop space. This upgrade not only improves our operational efficiency but also underscores our commitment to providing a top-notch working environment for our team and exceptional service to our clients.

Benefits for Our Customers

For our clients in Florida, this expansion means access to an even broader range of our top-notch demolition services located in your area, delivered with the same standard of work they’ve come to expect from ISI Demolition. For all of our clients, it demonstrates our capability and commitment to grow and adapt, ensuring we remain at the forefront of the demolition industry.

Making a Difference in the Community

This expansion is more than just physical growth; it’s a strategic step that aligns perfectly with ISI Demolition’s goal to be engaged with the communities we serve. Florida’s unique market is characterized by its diverse smaller markets and a relationship-driven nature, demanding a strong local presence and community engagement. This is something we have been successfully providing for decades. Through our deep connection with the community we better understand the local landscape in each market we serve.

Our Florida team is deeply involved in local community activities, fostering relationships through initiatives like the Tampa Pig Jig, partnerships with Children’s Home Network, Lift Academy, and Children’s Cancer Center. These engagements reflect our commitment to being a responsible and integral part of the community.

Recent Projects and the Road Ahead

Our Florida office has been instrumental in completing several noteworthy demolition projects, ranging from building razing in St. Petersburg to structural demolition in Miami. Each showcases our demolition expertise and adaptability.

Looking ahead, we will continue to optimize our processes and enhance our service offerings, ensuring we not only maintain but elevate the standard of excellence our clients expect from us. Our vision for the future is anchored in a commitment to continuous improvement, aiming to set new benchmarks in service quality for our clients in Florida, Maryland, and beyond.

About ISI Demolition

ISI Demolition was founded in 1990 with a simple premise: Operate each day with the highest level of excellence. By following this guiding principle, it is no coincidence ISI Demolition consistently meets our clients’ goals for timeliness, efficiency, and safety. ISI Demolition works hand-in-hand with national, regional, and local contractors, developers, and commercial real-estate clients. We take time to understand project goals and devise individually tailored demolition plans to meet those goals on time and on budget.

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