Poor brick conditions required immediate attention without interrupting hospital operations at the Children’s Medical Surgery Center at Johns Hopkins Hospital. ISI Demolition developed a system to remove brick from the 12-story building using only sidewalk access.

Innovative Demolition Solutions

From robotic demolition to crane skid pan debris removal, ISI Demolition’s specialty equipment and innovative thinking were critical to the success of this project. 

Keeping the hospital accessible for patients and professionals meant our teams had to work in very limited space with no room for error. Our teams engineered a solution that involved securing chainlink fabric around the building and installing debris platforms to catch material. 

Robotic Demolition

Robotics provide a more cost-effective, safe, efficient solution to complex demolition projects. Given the tight spaces and precision required for the John Hopkins Hospital project in Baltimore, we utilized our specialized robotic demolition crews. 

Our fleet of robotic demolition equipment includes multiple sizes for different applications. Using cameras, our crews can safely operate the equipment from up-to 500 yards away. 


Robotic Demolition<br />

Chain Link Fabric Placement

Our crews carefully secured chain link fabric around the structure using elevated platforms. Detailed modeling (above) was done prior to construction to finalize plans and keep our crews safe.

Skid Plan Debris Loud Out

Given our limited access at this job site, ISI Demolition utilized a crane to maneuver skid pans for debris removal. 

Projects like the Children’s Medical Surgery Center at Johns Hopkins Hospital are excellent examples of ISI Demolition’s capabilities. For additional project details or to discuss your next demolition project, contact us.