Transforming a building from a museum into an world-class educational facility is a major undertaking. The former Newseum was purchased by Johns Hopkins University to serve as it’s primary location in Washington, DC. Once finished, the building will suppport the school’s business, public policy, and international study graduate programs.

The general contractor on the project, Clark Construction, hired ISI Demolition to assist with the demolition phase, including the complex removal of interior elevated stair bridges.

BIM Modeling for Accuracy

Prior to begining demolition, ISI Demolition runs through a variety of preconstruction services. Our experienced project managers and executives walk the site with the general contractors and owners. We carefully review the project drawings and scope documents to dig deeper and find potential challenges before a project starts. 

BIM Modeling is part of our preconstruction phase and is vital to the success of complex demolition projects. This helps our team visualize the impact of demolition on the structure, including what machinery the structure can support and how much articulation our equipment will require. Accurate models ensures precision, reliability, and efficiency. We use the finished models to show our clients a detailed sequence of our work. 

Structural Engineering for Demolition

Structural engineering isn’t just for new construction. When removing elements for the repurposing of a space, structural engineering is critical to project safety and efficiency. 

ISI Demolitition is proud to incorporate our in-house structural engineering services into every project. Not only are we able to maintain the structural integrity of the remaining structures, we can optimize demolition schedules and budgets. 

This was particularly helpful for 555 Pennsylvania Avenue. Our in-house team gives us full control over the project and helps ISI Demolition deliver the project scope on-time and on-budget without the need for third-party engineers. 

Unique Project Details

No two demolition projects are exactly alike. That’s why ISI Demolition has invested in our team, equipment, and processes. We make sure that the solutions provided are the best fit for each project’s specific requirements.

Here are a few key highlights from the demolition at 555 Pennsylvannia Avenue in Washington, DC:

Working Around Temporary Bracing

Temporary bracing was required to maintain the structural integrity of the building during selective demolition. A work platform was constructed approximately 6” above the temporary bracing and supported from the slab below. At no point was our equipment, the work platform, or debris utilizing temporary bracing for support.

Catch Deck for Structural Slab Demolition

For the removal of the elevated floor structure, ISI Demolition developed a catch deck to help with cleaning up debris and protecting the remaining structure.

Elevated Stair Bridge Removal

Towers, rigging beams, and chain falls were required to remove the elevated stair brides. The rigging was attached to the steel structure per engineer-approved rigging plans.

Projects like 555 Pennsylvania Avenue are excellent examples of ISI Demolition’s capabilities. For additional project details or to discuss your next demolition project, reach out to our team.