Hazmat Abatement and Removal

The safe removal of these items is a major part of the demolition process

Hazmat Abatement and Removal

Due to the various health problems that can be caused by exposure to asbestos, lead, and other hazardous materials, the removal of these materials must be completed by a qualified and experienced hazmat abatement and removal company. Many of these materials were used in building constructed prior to 1978.

ISI Demolition, offers hazmat abatement and removal services which involve the safe removal of these items. The removal of these items is highly regulated and their safe handling and disposal can play a major role in the scope of any demolition project.  Our team of hazmat specialists are equipped to handle asbestos removal, lead removal, mold treatment, removal of heavy metals, removal of contaminated soil, and a full range of other hazardous materials.

Project: Hazardous Material Abatement and Removal at Virginia Tech

ISI Demolition was hired by the Barton Malow Company in 2012 to demolish the major portion of Davidson Hall’s existing science building at Virginia Tech. The project included an in-depth structural separation from the building to remain which required substantial engineering and pre-project planning. Through strategic planning, ISI Demolition’s specialty task force was able to complete this structural demolition without impact to the building slated to remain in place. In addition, the project required a substantial amount of hazardous material removal prior to the demolition. Despite a tight timeline the project was completed this project ahead of schedule and on budget.