Our Demolition Services

As your complete demolition partner, ISI Demolition delivers innovative transformation to your project. 

What We Do

Our ability to consistently meet our client’s goals for timeliness, efficiency, and safety is no coincidence. We partner with project engineers, project managers, trusted vendors and contractors to develop clear pre-project planning goals that setup the success of the overall project objectives.


Our services are comprehensive, and our work is meticulous. Our financial stability, strength and growth allow us to provide our clients with high quality, innovation solutions. Clients have found that choosing ISI Demolition to manage their demolition, provides confidence and peace of mind. It allows them to focus on their own operations, knowing that ISI Demolition will get the job done right and on time.

Structural Demolition

Existing structures are often redesigned to change and re-purpose the structure for a new end-user. This redesign for the new user often incorporates the need of structural demolition. ISI Demolition will assess every structural demolition project by first, performing a pre-engineering survey of the existing structure to identify any safety concerns, and or structural deficiencies that may be a result of the required structural demolition in order to suit the requirements outlined in the contract documents. All pre-engineering surveys are done by ISI Demolition in-house licensed professional structural engineers prior to the start of demolition. Once the pre-engineering survey is complete, ISI Demolition will perform the structural demolition as required to meet the end-users needs for the new retrofitted existing structure. Structural demolition is the process of using various means and methods to demolish or dismantle an existing structure in order to make way for new construction. The majority of structures are constructed utilizing either structural steel framing, and or structural concrete construction. ISI Demolition, utilizing a combination of cutting edge equipment,  specialize and pride ourselves in being able to tackle complex structural demolition and dismantlement of existing structures in order to make way for new construction.

Architectural Demolition

With architectural demolition, special care and planning take place to allow for the separation of building materials for sorting. This approach maximizes efficiency by reducing waste, and also allows for selected components and materials to be repurposed in the reconstruction phase.

The crucial factor in determining whether selective architectural demolition is suitable is in identifying and quantifying the amount of materials that can be repurposed or recycled. This is where the experience of a highly-qualified demolition partner is imperative.

Our Capabilities

Selective demolition can take place on projects of any size, from small residential to large commercial. Special care must be taken to minimize the impact, both on areas of the structure that are designated for reuse or repurposing, and on the rest of the facility, to ensure that existing tenants are able to go about their daily operations undisturbed.

In many situations, a space designated for selective architectural demolition is still a ‘live’ functional building. This means the major mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems must be thoroughly coordinated with MEP trades to ensure safe removal and to prevent disruption to surrounding occupied areas.

Once the area is prepped, the real labor of selective architectural demolition begins. Demolished materials are sorted and designated for their ability to be sold, recycled, or reused in the reconstruction phase.

Building Razing

The complete demolition of an entire building or structure by mechanical means is commonly referred to as building razing. At ISI Demolition, we aim for a clean building raze, which has less environmental impact and maximizes the recycling of reusable building materials.

Efficiency and Integrity in All We Do

ISI Demolition has earned the trust of clients throughout the region by providing superior levels of service in our 29-plus years of operation. We strive for to meet our clients demands for timeliness, budget, safety, and attention to detail. Building razing is so much more than simply knocking down a structure and hauling off debris.

Some of Our Work

Hershey Chocolate Factory

ISI Demolition had the opportunity to work on the demolition of the former Hershey’s Chocolate plant which consisted of work ranging from the delicate removal of a conveyor belt over an operating set of railroad tracks, to the complete razing of building sections. In all, ISI Demolition has secured close to 17 million dollars in base contract amounts and have completed our work to date in a timely and safe fashion.

Baltimore Pier Hotel

The Pier Hotel project is one of Baltimore’s iconic restoration ventures in the Fells Point area. Extensive structural alterations were necessary to make way for the new construction work. ISI Demolition had to bring in barge cranes and barges to strategically remove much of the existing building structure. Extensive shoring and bracing of the structure to remain was designed and implemented to ensure that the building was stabilized to prevent collapse during and after the demolition work. The demolition work on this project was completed in record time allowing the new construction to proceed on time without any delays.

BWI International Airport

In 2002, ISI Demolition was contracted by The Whiting‐Turner Contracting Company to work on the BWI Airport Terminal project. This project was one of size and an extremely tight schedule requirement. The scope of this work included the dismantling and removal of the main pedestrian bridges connecting the parking garage to the main terminal which meant removal of several main beams and floors within the airport’s customer high traffic areas. ISI Demolition had just 6 hours to disconnect and remove each bridge, all while not impeding vehicular or pedestrian traffic.