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At ISI Demolition, we work hand-in-hand with national, regional, and local contractors, developers and commercial real-estate clients alike to ascertain your project design goals, and then devise specific plans to meet those goals on time and on budget. With 29 years of demolition experience, our knowledge and expertise are drawn from over 4,000 diverse projects, ranging from smaller quick turn solutions to immersive multi-million-dollar engagements.

Our core belief is that every project is an opportunity to learn new things and build new or extend relationships within the community.

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Featured Projects

Crystal City, VA

Construction renovations to allow new entertainment and shopping destination in Crystal City including new Cinema, Specialty Grocer, restauraunts and bars.

Montebello Filtration Plant

Construction renovations allow full operational water treatment plant to update outdated technology and increase productivity within limited space constraints.

St. Pauls' School for Boys Upper School Tear Down

A complete demolition to allow for new, larger Upper School to be built in place of old structure.

Highlighted Projects

BWI Airport Terminal

In 2002, ISI Demolition was contracted by The Whiting‐Turner Contracting Company to work on the BWI Airport Terminal project. This project was one of size and an extremely tight schedule requirement. The scope of this work included the dismantling and removal of the main pedestrian bridges connecting the parking garage to the main terminal and we were required to remove several main beams and floors within the airport’s customer high traffic areas. ISI Demolition had just 6 hours to disconnect and remove each bridge, all while not impeding vehicular or pedestrian traffic.

Gettysburg’s Visitor Center

The Gettysburg’s Visitor Center and Cyclorama Building project was very unique, as it unexpectedly spanned 4 years. Interior Specialists, Inc. was originally contracted by Kinsley Construction Company in 2009 to dismantle and preserve the historic “Battle of Gettysburg” map held within the original Visitor Center and demolish both the Visitor Center and the Cyclorama Building located a short distance away on a Gettysburg battlefield. The map was cut into three sections, weighing 3 tons each, packaged and moved to a safe storage site for future use. After the Visitor Center demolition, the work to be done at the Cyclorama project was put on hold until February of 2013 when the project was again given the green light by the Park Service in order to restore the grounds to their Civil War era appearance. With the presence of many onlookers, Interior Specialists, Inc. demolished the popular landmark and cleared the debris within 2 months.

US Naval Academy

In 2004, the Chauvenet Hall project at the US Naval Academy was one of the most challenging projects to date in terms of scope, timing, and sheer size. The entire hall was gutted leaving basically a skeleton to be re‐fitted and completely renovated. The level of coordination and teamwork with all involved was paramount. Shoring and Brokk robotics were utilized like never before and the end result was astounding for which we were given a letter of commendation from The Whiting‐Turner Contracting Company on this very difficult project.

Presidential Inauguration Platform

For the dismantling and removal of the Inaugural platform used for the 2009 Presidential Inauguration in January at the United States Capital, ISI Demolition was contracted for the complete removal of a platform that took four months to build (7 tractor trailer loads of wood), in just 1 month. Under the direction of our superintendent, Charlie Manack, two and a half weeks later, we were done and once again recognized for excellent service and professionalism by our partner UBS and their construction manager, The Christman Company. Our teams’ efforts in the extreme weather conditions and time constraints showed that we can rise to the job and knock them out.

Virginia Tech

ISI Demolition completed our second project at Virginia Tech in 2012 working with Barton Malow Company. The Davidson Hall project required that the major portion of the existing science building be demolished. The project included an in-depth structural separation from the building to remain which required substantial engineering. ISI Demolition’s specialty task force was able, through strategic planning, to make this building separation without any impact to the building to remain. The project documents required removal of substantial amounts of hazardous materials prior to the demolition of the structures as well. The timeline to complete this project was extremely tight, but ISI Demolition was able to complete the project ahead of schedule and on budget. The photographs below display a time series of the demolition.

1800 F Street/GSA

In 2011, ISI Demolition was contracted with WT/Walsh Joint Venture to work on the 1800 F Street/GSA project which consisted of interior demolition of the existing office spaces and removal of structural portions of the existing structure within a 300,000 square foot, 8 stories building in the heart of Washington, D.C. with an extremely complex work environment. Part of the project consisted of the removal of an existing 3 story building in the center of a courtyard with only 15’ of space between it and the 8-story surrounding buildings. ISI had to do a physical structural separation of the building to be removed on one side and the building was then removed utilizing a high reach excavator, all within the extremely tight space in the busy DC environment. The project was completed on time and within budget.

Hershey’s Chocolate Factory

ISI Demolition had the opportunity to work on the demolition of the former Hershey’s Chocolate plant which consists of work ranging from the delicate removal of a conveyor belt over an operating set of railroad tracks, to the complete razing of building sections. In all, ISI Demolition secured close to 17 million dollars in base contract amounts and have completed our work to date in a timely and safe fashion.

Springfield Town Center Renovation

In 2013, The Whiting‐Turner Contracting Company awarded the selective demolition package to ISI Demolition. The selective demolition package included gutting the existing 900,000 sf of architectural retail space back to structural elements to remain, install vertical load shoring, column bracing, and lateral load foundation wall shoring in order to perform the major structural modifications as shown on the contract documents. Interior Specialists, Inc. placed inside the mall two PC138 Komatsu excavators outfitted with air purification systems to load the 1,300 dumpsters that were to be diverted to landfills in the surrounding areas. ISI had also implemented (10) bobcat skid steers, (2) bobcat mini‐excavators, (2) Brokk demolition robots, (1) Link‐Belt 240 Excavator, and an arsenal of aerial lifts to complete this project within the schedule allotted by the Whiting‐Turner Contracting Company.

Montgomery Mall New Theater & Dining Terrace

The Whiting‐Turner Contracting Company selected ISI Demolition as their demolition sub‐contractor for the major renovation of the existing mall to add a new theatre and dining terrace. In order to add their new state of the art multi‐screen movie theatre, it was the intention of the architect to remove 90% of the 4th floor from the existing parking garage in order to retro fit their new cinema. This parking garage was designed and constructed with a precast pre‐stressed double tee deck. Because of this type of construction, and the three levels below remaining for future use Interior Specialists used a 550-ton hydraulic crane to remove saw‐cut sections of the pre‐stressed double tees. These 62′ long X 9′ wide double tees were placed directly on flatbed tractor trailers, hauled off site to be broken up, and crushed. The crushed material would be recycled into road base for future use. Also as part of our scope in this project was to perform selective demolition during off hours in an active food court. Coordination and cleanliness were key to the success of this portion of the project. During our time at Montgomery Mall, the owners of the mall noticed that a 1 level parking garage adjacent to the parking garage that was just retro‐fitted with the new cinema was failing. This parking garage was found unsafe to the general public, and the owners of the parking garage quarantined off this area to keep the general public safe. Although, this area was imperative to parking for the upcoming holiday Black Friday shopping season. Whiting‐Turner hired ISI Demolition to tear down the 100,000 sf parking garage structure by the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. The duration for demolition was a total of 16 working days to raze the entire structure, and prepare the parking lot for parking by Wednesday before the Thanksgiving holiday. Thanks to hard work and long days ISI Demolition demolished the entire 100,000 square foot parking garage and loaded it out in 11 days.

The Pier Hotel Balitmore

The Pier Hotel project is one of Baltimore’s iconic restoration ventures in the Fells Point area. Sagamore Development Co., associated with Under Armour, purchased the old City Pier Building and is planning on turning the building into a premier high-end hotel. ISI Demolition was hired for the demolition work on this existing building. Extensive structural alterations were necessary to make way for the new construction work. In the process, ISI Demolition had to bring in barge cranes and barges to strategically remove much of the existing building structure. Extensive shoring and bracing of the structure to remain was designed and implemented by ISI Demolition had to ensure that the building was stabilized to prevent collapse during and after the demolition work. The demolition work on this project was completed in record time allowing the new construction to proceed on time without any delays.

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