Montebello Filtration Plant

Construction renovations allow full operational water treatment plant to update outdated technology and increase productivity within limited space constraints.

  • Project includes utilization of mobile crane for equipment mobilization and debris removal.
  • Utilization of mobile crane for Lime Tower dismember/ Lime silo replacement.
  • Designed, fabricated and erected steel structures utilized to keep Lime Tower structure in tact during demolition activities.
  • Crews were tasked with removing a 2” thick “topping” slab while maintaining underlying structural slab integrity.
  • Separate Lime Silo and hoist through roof opening.
  • Project presented challenges of working in a contained sediment basin. Only means of debris removal is with a crane and debris hopper.
  • Project presented challenges of working in close proximity to remaining open and functioning plant operations.

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October 24, 2019

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